I have a clear remembrance of being born again when I was four years old at my home church in Joplin, MO. I was blessed to be born to committed Christian parents. From the time of my birth I attended church. As a teen, I was involved in my local youth group and later became the president of the four state area youth of the Churches of God (Holiness).

From the time I was two years of age I lived in the same house until I left to attend a Christian boarding school at the age of 16. Attending Mt. Zion Bible School was a life altering experience. There I gained stability in my spiritual life and received a call to preach the gospel. Later while attending Kansas City College and Bible School I met the love of my life. Micki (Michel) Masden and I were married June 13, 1970. We have three boys. David is our oldest son. After pastoring for eight years, he came to teach at Kansas City College and Bible School so that he could be close to his fiancĂ©. I performed their wedding ceremony. It was a beautiful event. After Zenia graduated with two B.A. degrees they took a rural pastorate in Missouri.  They are currently serving as missionaries in Cayman Brac.  Jonathan, our second son is married to Becky. They have two beautiful children, Joshua and Emily. Jonathan and Becky pastor a church in Pomona, CA. David and Jon both graduated from Kansas City College and Bible School and then went on to get their Masters degree from Indiana Wesleyan University. Ben, is our youngest son. He provides IT support for small businesses and is a web developer as well.  In addition, he has developed and published Evolution RTS; a free real time strategy game.

I received a BA in Language and Literature and a BTh. from Kansas City College and Bible School, a MDiv from Memphis Theological Seminary, and a DMin from Asbury Theological Seminary. I also have done work at Western Washington University, Nazarene Theological Seminary, and University of Missouri at Kansas City.

After serving as a pastor for 21 years, I was approached concerning becoming the president of my Alma mater, Kansas City College and Bible School now called Kansas Christian College. After much prayer and consultation with my family I determined that this was God´s will for me at the time. I served in that capacity from 1995 – 2009. During this same period, I came to love the challenge of the classroom. I gained much fulfillment from the interaction with those that I endeavored to equip and motivate to become great leaders for Jesus. In addition to teaching for NBC as an adjunct professor I am also a facilitator in the online program for Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University. In the summer of 2009 I decided it was time to return to the ministry I love… pastoring. I accepted the offer to work as associate pastor with my son Jonathan in Pomona, CA.

I have had the privilege of visiting in a number of countries but a trip to Myanmar made the greatest impact on my life. I traveled to Myanmar to teach in our Bible College in Mandalay for two weeks. I taught Evangelism and Leadership classes. While there, I saw the New Testament church in action. It was a life changing experience. I will never again be satisfied with our low level of expectation for God´s kingdom in the United States. I dream of seeing their work duplicated in our own country.

I have a number of interests. David, my oldest son, and I created our denominational website which he still manages. My youngest son Ben, and I created the website for Cornerstone where Jon and I pastor. Part of my job description is to manage the website. It can be seen at . I love to read and have a sizeable (non-fiction) library. Another special interest is that of writing. Although I am only fair at golf, I love the sport and go to the course every time I have a good excuse and a little extra time. I also enjoy riding my 2003 Yamaha VStar Custom 1100cc motorcycle. My longest trip was from Los Angeles to Kansas City.

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