Tuesday, May 21, 2013

One-on-One with Jim Collins

                    Bill Hybels and Jim Collins (1997)

“Built to Last” by Jim Collins  Best seller list for 29 months – also author of "Great by Choice."

Professor at Stanford, Business school.

Question to consider – “What kind of leader accounts for sustained performance over time?”

Leadership comes in how you think about life.  Change your mental set so that things thought impossible become doable.

Leadership is breaking perceptions about what is doable.

Four Key Ideas
1. The people who are successful are clock builders as opposed to time tellers.
2. The Genius of the “And” …. Figuring out how to use things that seem to be contradictory in a compatible manner… as opposed to the Tyranny of the “Or”… the feeling that you always have to make choices between options.
a. Genius of the And does not mean “doing everything”… being everything to all people.
b. It is not a balancing act… it is embracing two apparently opposing possibilities and determining how they can be both used to advantage.
3. Preserve the Core Values AND Stimulate Progress ….
4. Consistency in Alignment….

Charismatic Leader myth…..  that a Charismatic leader is an asset.   Instead a Charismatic leader is a liability to recover from.  A Charismatic leader builds an organization that depends upon him.  Those who follow ask what would “X” do?

How can a leader help his church prepare for sustained growth?
       1.Determine core values of the church… make sure it is clear to the people.
Embed them as an organization element rather than a personal element.
       2.Put in place an audacious aspiration for the church which will extend beyond the tener of the pastor….
       3.Cultivate a successor
       4.Do you determine if you really want someone to succeed after you are gone.

B-Hags . . . .Big Hairy Audacious Goals

A B-Hag is on the border line between laughable and possible.

The role of the B-Hag is to stimulate progress.
The B-Hag must be consistent with your purpose/mission.

One of the key functions of leadership is to motivate people to progress.

Winston Churchill – 1940 as Hitler was a challenge said, “Our goal is not to survive.  Our goal is to prevail.”

A B-Hag helps you to decide not only what to do but also what not to do.

To Do List…. A Stop Doing List  The second list can be as important as the first.

Set you B-Hag and clarify your purpose.

Unplug the TV’s in your life.

Just because something is good doesn’t mean you have to do it or that you are supposed to do it.  Choose what you feel  you must do AND you will be most effective in doing.

The Leadership Summit on Learning From Other Leaders-  DVD 1
Willow Creek Resource

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