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Lessons Learned from a Leadership Veteran

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Bill Hybels and Rich Devos (2000)

Rich Devos co-founder of Amway.  Owns Orlando Magic team.  His son Dick is current president of Amway Corp.  Dick is on board at Willow Creek.

Running any organization is filled with failure.  The only problem with that is knowing how to deal with failure.

One failed business – A flying school – he didn’t know how to fly. 

He passed Latin with the condition that he would never take Latin again.

They (He and Jay) weren’t afraid to do something because they didn’t know how.

They bought a sailboat – they read a book about it but never had been on one before – they finally sank it.

They sold Nutrilite.  They were committed to have their own business.  Jays mother said it was good so they went out and sold it.

The concept of Amway – It was the American Way – to have your own business.  It was designed to help people have their own business.

They just went to work every day.  Everyday they did something to advance the cause.  Don’t get into the leadership role and forget to build. 

4 Steps Leaders who fail take
11.       First a Builder 
22.       Next a Manager- becomes stagnant 
33.       Then a Justifier of Non-Performance 
44.       Finally a Blame Placer

Things that move people are to say – “I’m sorry,”  “I’m wrong,”  “I’m proud of you,” “I love  you,”  “I trust you,” and  “I believe in you.”

How do things look from another person’s viewpoint.

The best way to motivate people is to tell them, “You can do it.”

Rich DeVos writes a lot of memos to people to encourage them.

If you want excellence you have to pay for it.  This may mean that you have to work hard at it.

“I decided that instead of being a big wheel and needed to make our distributors big wheels.”

“I’m not a great conversationalist.  I just listen.”  At interested in their lives . . . that is motivation.

We need R and D.  (Research and Development)  What is the next new thing?  Try and fail at some things.  Experiment.

If you don’t continually look for new ways to improve and advance your cause you are preparing for failure. 

The fun part of tithing is that when you give, you don’t lose it because you never claimed it as your own.

“Don’t put down achievement.  Appreciate people who have money.”

“Get over the fear of rejection.”

Always be who you are.  Don't be afraid to tell others of your faith in Christ.

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