Friday, April 26, 2013

Turning Vision Into Reality - Kirkyjon Caldwell 2002

Kirkyjon Caldwell  pastors largest UMC in North America ("25 to many")

Impact the infrastructure

Two great moments in your life…. 
When you are born….
when you discover why you were born

When you die will anyone miss you?

Isaiah 61:4 – Take the sanctuary to the streets


This does not mean you will know where the money is coming from and all the answers have been discovered.  Divine visions will attract dollars.
 A… Advances the kingdom
 B…Helps defeat the works of the devil
 C…Formulates the future
 D…Create conflict

You cannot be a leader if you have a low EQ – Emotional Quotient

Vision Killers
A……When you are softened by success
– monumental decisions are not normally made during times of successes.

B……When you see no evil 
(how do you react to problems?  Do you try to explain away the problems or do you hit them?) 
Denial is not a river in Egypt
Denial - Don’t Even No I Am Lying
Excuses are tools to nothingness
The lower your EQ the more you are satisfied with being average or dying

C……When you are suckered by bossism
….. people tell you what you WANT to hear.
Be intentional about getting the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…..get the hard brutal facts
If they don’t like it they don’t eat it….develop a trash can philosophy…. look through the trash can to find out the real truth.
You hire people for what they can do, we fire them because of who they are.


        Churches don’t grow in timidity
         Good decisions are not made slowly

If you are slow in visioning and in getting the job done, this economy
will penalize you for your slowness.


  When God says “Yea, the gates of hell cannot prevail against you.”


Leadership Summit on Vision - Mission and Strategy - DVD 2
Willow Creek Resources

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