Friday, April 26, 2013

Turning Vision into Action Bill Hybels 1998

Establish goals that will put you on your knees

Reaching more people with the gospel
       Talk in #’s

Maturing the congregation
       Try to get them all in small groups – set # goals
       Mid-week --- worship and learn….. set # goals
       Membership---- set # goals

Launch strategic plan
        Break down five year goals in to 12 month goals…. And then into monthly goals          
        Continually measure and monitor goals
        Have staff accountability meetings

Refined Vision

Goal Champions

Make sure that every staff member is working on the team for the whole ministry rather than just their portion of the work.  The local church must not become a federation of ministries.  The church must be united in mission.  The church is not a constellation of revolving orbiting ministries loosely held together.  It must be a close knit network of ministry.  Decentralization is not effective in the local church.

When you have to result to ultimatums in leadership it is usually a result of poor leadership up to that point.

We must stretch our leadership
We must lead with all diligence
If we don’t lead people are not going to continue to follow
We must GET IT DONE!

Turn vision into reality
Manage toward results

Leadership Summit on Vision - Mission and Strategy - DVD 1
Willow Creek Resources

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