Friday, April 26, 2013

The Power of Motivation - John Maxwell (1999)

Books, tapes, events, people, places, objects

Average leaders direct their people
Good leaders direct and explain to their people
Excellent leaders direct, explain, and demonstrate for their people
Great leaders direct, explain, demonstrate and Inspire their people

·    A leader who motivates people is self motivated.
·    A leader should motivate others who right motives.

Do I only motivate people who are easy to motivate?
Do I only motivate when I have an assignment?
Do I motivate others by using leverage or guilt
Do I motivate others with an unconditional love

·    A leader creates a motivational environment

Why people don’t reach potential
Don’t know what they are supposed to do – informational issue
Don’t know how to do it – training issue
Don’t know why they should  - relational issue
Obstacles beyond their control – leadership issue

How to motivate others

1/ Appreciate the power of motivation

2/  Believe in your people

Do they know it?
When you believe in your Vision – you inspire
When you believe in your Cause – you bring conviction
When you believe in your People – you motivate            

See your people as who they can become.

3/ Understand the relationship between motivation and relationships

Motivation can come before the relationship is developed
Sustained motivation of a congregation is not possible without sustained relationship

4/ Walk your talk

 People do what people see
If you are credible, the longer you stay at your church, the better it gets.

5/ Show people that they are important

Remember their names
As them to help you

6/ Give them a reputation to uphold

Find what is unique about them
Talk to other people about them and what is special about them
It’s got to be real and it has to be right
Talk about them in endearing terms
They will begin to live up to that reputation

Jesus, “Peter, you are a rock”

7/  What get’s rewarded gets done

If you eat your vegetables you can eat your desert
Find out what they like
Reward them for doing a good job and then give them what they like

8/ Look for reasons to celebrate

Churches don’t celebrate enough.
Let the people tell the story.
Don’t have the part until you have done something

9/ Set high standards

Raise the bar
Raise the bar for yourself first
Jesus was always raising the bar

When you raise the bar you attract winners to your church…when you lower the bar you attract whiners.

When you ask for commitment you keep committed people and lose uncommitted people.

10/ Know the motivational moments of a personal life.

When they hurt enough they have to - they will change (prodigal son – pig pen)
When they learn enough that they want -  to they will change (prodigal son – receives forgiveness)
When they receive enough that they are able to - they will change (prodigal son – celebration)

If you are going to motivate people you must know the keys to their lives…. Ask them questions.

What are the keys of the top five people in your church?

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