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The Leader’s Sixth Sense Bill Hybels – 2001

Movie – “The Sixth Sense”  … famous line… “I see dead people walking.” 

A pastor said, “Big deal.  I see that at every deacon’s meeting.”

Some leaders have an uncanny sense about what to do or not to do.

“Even a broken clock is right twice a day.”
“Blind squirrels stumble into nuts once in awhile.”

Conclusion:  Diligent, Romans 12:8 leaders, spiritually gifted leaders, will construct a value system and an experience base that will widely inform each subsequent decision the leader makes thereby making it possible for spirit led leaders to get better and better as the years go by. = intuition = leaders sixth sense

Four Data Sources Informing Decisions
(We are not always aware of them)

1.     What I believe - data source

A.      I believe that if I honor God in everything He will honor me.
B.      I believe that if I dishonor God in any way help from heaven is not to be expected.

If I show mercy, grace and deference to people He will show favor to my leadership.  People matter.  God has one true treasure in the world – people. 
If I must err, I will err on the side of being gracious to people.
I believe that the local church is the hope of the world.  I don’t get amped up about a lot of things in life but when it comes to the church I am all over it.
Don’t let great decision making slide with reference to the church.  The local church is the hope of the world.

C.      The local church is the hope of the world.
“I’m all over that like a rat on a cheeto.”
Ask yourself – “What are my core bedrock beliefs?”
Ask yourself – “Are they Biblical?”  “Do they serve you well?”
2.     What would a better leader do - data source

What people affect different aspects of your leadership?  Risk Taking – learn from you wins and your losses.  Don’t let the approval rating of your peers influence your risk assessment.  Who is informing your risk assessment?

               What do you do with underperforming staff?  Jesus and Peter Drucker.  Jesus – a laborer is worthy of his hire.  Therefore…  ………..  Drucker said, “Nonperformance is unacceptable.”  Call it what it is.  What is the reason?  Whose fault is it?

                Issues of excellence.  Who informs your understanding of this aspect of God’s work? 

Morale issues.  John Maxwell inspires Bill Hybels.   Pump your people up.  Put your arm around them.  Thank them for being on the team.  Have a word of prayer with them.  Clap for people.  Give them recognition.  Notice them.

Bureaucracy issues.  Difficulty in making a decision.  Jack Welch.  Hybels - Call people to the office…”we are not leaving this room until we make a decision.”

Read, go to meetings where leaders speak etc.  Get a data source

3.      The Data Source of Pain
Pain from decisions that went bad. 
That isn’t going to happen… over my dead body or yours… it doesn’t matter which.  We have passed our whack quotient.
Younger, less experienced leaders are still busy collecting their whacks.

Three C’s of selecting leaders
1.       Character
2.       Competency
3.       Chemistry

Pain is a fantastic teacher.  Keep a pain file.  Don’t pay the pain piper.  Establish a top 10 pain list.  Learn from the pain of others.  It is important to network. 

4.     Data Source - Promptings by the Holy Spirit

“The Leadership Summit on Self-Leadership” -  DVD 2
Willow Creek Resources

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