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The Leader’s Edge – Bill Hybels (2002)

90% of what a leader learns is what he learns by doing.

Leading in a crisis……

1.     In a crisis everybody in the organization take their cue from the psyche of the leader.
a.      The leader must define reality.   “What are we really dealing with?” 
b.     He has to ruthlessly deal with his own emotions, etc.  Exercise self discipline.
2.     In a crisis the leader must increase his presence.  The people need added reassurance, and consolation.
3.     In a crisis there is a wonderful opportunity for teaching moments to occur.  People are asking sincere questions and are open to honest answers.  They don’t need adult sized pacifiers.

Method to use when have to cut your staff

Determine what ministries are the highest priority
A Bucket
B Bucket
C Bucket
What is most mission critical
Have leadership people all prioritize and then see what the consensus is for the institution.

If you have to do a cut in staff don’t do it across the board but cut the low priority ministries.

Do a performance evaluation with staff.  Find out who are the A players, the B players, and the C players.

A players … exceed expectations
B players … does the job
C players …don’t necessarily live up to expectations always

Compare this information to the mission critical ministry priorities.

Put together generous severance package
Try to help them find position elsewhere

1.     It was the right thing to do
2.     The result was beneficial
3.     Ministry has grown
4.     Gratification in seeing that the people who left have benefited
5.     It helped leadership go ahead know what really was important to the ministry
6.     It helped to have a new rating system for performance

 Theory of Spiritual Formation

Beaker with flame under it.  At a certain temperature the contents change their properties.  Jesus was never interested in lukewarm stuff.  He was interested in the boil point…. Heat.

When people are fully devoted, fully surrendered ….then they can be most useful.

Going to church service a week heats me up to about 180 degrees.  Pastor think that if you have a great service you can heat people up to 212 degrees.  This is not true.  By the evening the heat dissipates.

Question:  How can we add spiritual heat/power

1.     Teach them spiritual practices……….teach them how to do these every day
2.     Add a mid-week service…to heat them a little higher
3.     Get everybody in small groups
4.     Make sure everybody knows their spiritual gifts and use them
5.     Get them in extension ministries….helping people in need.

Pastors are often out of touch because they think that the average guy leads a life like a pastor….thinking God thoughts all day, etc.

Have a plan to heat/reheat your people to the boiling point.
Church Growth stuff

Empty seats at optimal inviting hours

If we are going to grow our church with seekers we must have empty seats at optimal inviting hours.

Every time they added seats at optimal inviting hours they filled the seats.  When they tried to have services at hours that were not optimal inviting hours they were not effective. 

They discovered that early services and Saturday night services were not good times for services.  Sunday night works better than Saturday night.

Enlarge your box!  This is the only way to increase your leverage ratio.

 Umbrella of mercy……….a call to give an idea without risk of critical remarks if it is considered to be stupid.

Visual aid idea.  Drive a stake of commitment.
People  write their name on a stake and then drive it in the ground as a visual indication of their commitment to the task at hand.

 Regional Ministry Centers

One church….many campuses.   Use video simalcasts.

The purpose of starting these regional centers was not convenience.  It was so that they could invite their friends and neighbors to church without having to go a long distance.

 Bridging the Racial Divide

Hiring people of diversity
Using people of racial diversity

The celebration of diversity not the toleration of diversity is the goal.

Read – “Divided by Faith”
X       \ The speed line    /  The soul line

Are the leaders going to survive when the churches grow…..the speed increases for the leaders’ lives as the churches grow.  Speed and the Soul are not on the same line.  They go in different direction.  If the velocity of your life is too high your soul will suffer.  The best you have to offer the church, your family, you is a real soulish you………..God doesn’t just want velocity.   You are not a speed machine.  He wants to be engaged with your life….to have a relationship with you.  Lower the speed so that your soul doesn’t take a dive.  Find a daily, weekly, monthly, annually soul feeding filling time. 

“The Leaders Edge -  DVD 1
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