Friday, April 26, 2013

“The High Drama of Decision Making” Bill Hybels

Leadership Summit 2008
August 7, 8 – Leawood, KS

Decision Making (1-4 traditional methods)

1.     Does the Bible say anything about this?
2.     What would smart advisors say to do?  Prov 11:14
3.     P/G/E?
a.      What have you learned from paid of past decision?
b.     What have you learned from gain of past decision?
c.      What have you learned from experience of past decision?
4.     Is the spirit prompting me?  Rom 8:6

Make a trial decision (in your mind) to see if it brings “life” and “peace”

Leaders must make the decisions and accept responsibility
If it is successful – Thank God and advisors
If it is a failure – don’t blame anyone – take the responsibility

5.     Develop axioms to guide the process
a.      “Create action” – organizations galvanize and stagnate over time
b.     “Powell Principles”  Colin Powell
c.      “Vision Leaks” – Bill Hybels – you have to keep filling up the vision
d.     “Gather the right people around the table and things will work out well.”   They look to you for faith and optimism.
e.      “Facts are your friends”

REVEAL TESTS – WCA spiritual awareness tests.

E (Cross) B G | |  C-C

Explorers – Salvation – Beginners – Growers – Deep Chasm – Christ-Centered

You will change the world with Christ-Centered people.
You won’t change your block with the Growers
A deep chasm between the two categories

f.       “When something feels “funky” – engage”  Unattended problems fester
g.     “Leaders call fouls”  - if something is unacceptable stop it.  Sometimes have to call a foul on yourself
h.     “Take a risk”
i.       “This is Church”  - Acts 2:46 (working with people)

Danger – when you are “serving out of breath”

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