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The 360 degree leader - Bill Hybels (2003)

We must learn how to lead better down…. supervision
We must learn how to lead better up…leading those who have authority over you.
We must learn how to lead better laterally….partnering with others.

Refer to “Courageous Leadership”

Self-leadership is the most difficult type of leadership.

Painful Questions

1.     How do I feel about the focus of my leadership passion today?
a.      Each church deserves and demand high degrees of focus from their senior leaders
b.     Acts 2 church “devoted themselves”….they were riveted on their focus
2.      How do you have enough empty seats at optimal inviting hours.  Have we decided what new growth engines will be needed to big dogs to run those engines?
a.      Incrementalism…when a new idea, service or product comes on the market everybody gets behind it and that becomes a growth engine in the market….but then it finds its settling place….then people try to get incremental growth out of the settling idea, service or product.   Can’t get enough growth and will lose best people.
b.     Churches….flattening out….plateaus on a growth curve
c.      Natural annual attrition at a church is 8-10%
d.     If you have only a 2% growth rate you are dying
e.      Great leaders don’t want to die with dignity.  They won’t stick around.
                                          i.    Do we have a leadership problem
1.    Is it a vision problem
2.    Is it an inspirational, motivational problem?
                                        ii.    Do we have a teaching problem?
1.    Quality of teaching
                                       iii.    Do we have a programmatic problem…
1.    Are we no longer creative?
                                       iv.    Do we have a low evangelistic temperature?

Do we have an incremental mindset…so that we try to fix the problem in small bits?  
We need to initiate some high growth impact growth engines

A new neighborhood strategy for small groups…
            Small groups have been reactive…
            Now they are initiating action…..
            Think about geographic regions and bring small groups into a neighborhood. 

A new family and children growth outreach
            Who is under the most pressure in demographic society?  Parents with young children ---- 28 years to 48 years old.  It takes two incomes, kids involved in many activities, etc.
If parents are under this kind of pressure….how can we best serve them in a creative way.

A new ministry to high capacity people.  People who have time, energy and resources to be plugged into ministry.

You can’t solve your plateau problems with incremental thinking.

 The S curve idea………

            When you get to the top of the S curve of the idea the idea is stale and needs to be repackaged and re-launched.  Things are sagging, etc.

When you come up with a new growth engine what leader do you put in charge?  A proven leader or a new leader?
Put your best leaders on this… has high risk factors so you don’t want to complicate the risk of putting untried leaders in charge.  You need a big dog leader for the task.

Problem assessment…..true leaders are gifted problem solvers

When it is all said and done it is the unbridled optimism of the leader that saves the day.

Self Leadership

Three gauges on the dashboard of your psyhe
1.     The spiritual gauge
2.     The physical gauge
3.     The emotional gauge

When you are good leader
1.    Your speed line will go up
2.    At a certain velocity your soul will not keep up with the speed of your life

Are you gaining or losing altitude in your relationship with
1.     God
2.     Family
3.     Ministry
4.     Recreation
5.     etc

Is my heart for people becoming radically more inclusive?

“The Leaders Edge -  DVD 2
Willow Creek Resource

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