Friday, April 26, 2013

“Stand Up and Lead” Wendy Kopp

Leadership Summit 2008
August 7, 8 – Leawood, KS

“Great leaders have something that burns inside of them.”  Bill Hybels

“Shamelessly challenge people to sacrifice – it adds value to their lives.”  Bill Hybels

“Leading in New Cultural Realities”  John Burke (Emergent Church)

Companies need to reinvent the customer base every 18 months

Leaders need to cultivate, fertilize and maintain the soil of relationships

Messy Leadership  1 Cor 3:6-9  1 Cor 12:27  Matt 9:11-13

1.     Cultivate Soil with Grace giving acceptance (masterpiece of art with mud all over it – illus)  Acts 15:10-11, 19
a.      Know your context
b.     Know what the barriers to grace are in your culture and
c.      Know how to correctly answer the questions of your culture and context
2.     Essential That we be authentic
a.      There must be relational reconnection  James 5:16
3.     Inspire constant connection to God  Jn 15:5

“Fruit happens”  All we have to do is stay connected

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