Friday, April 26, 2013

Lessons from a Capital Campaign – Bill Hybels (2001)

The Greatest Miracle since the 2000 session

1.     Consider outside help – stewardship consultant –RSI  or  ISS the best
2.     Mobilize and focus the entire organization
3.     Work hard
4.     Go to new levels of trust and dependence upon God – prayer
a.      Teaches you to let go
b.     Teaches you the power of ownership – will gain new stakeholders
c.      Teaches you to risk for God

The Biggest Mistake since the 2000 session

Breakthrough happens when you discover your greatest point of leverage and then exploit that.

Churches don’t just naturally grow….there has to be a disproportionate emphasis on evangelism for them to grow.  If you leave them to their own devices they will dwindle and die.

The weekend services are designed as funnels to bring people into our service so we will have a chance to win them.  “As the weekend goes so goes the church.”  You must have a front door…some entry point.

Pump your leadership abilities into this opportunity.  Have weekly strategy meetings with your leadership group.  Attendance drives, etc etc etc  Make a pact with the people, “I will break my back to have effective services.”  “In turn, you (laity) you will have to bring your unsaved friends.  Take them to lunch, have them into your home, etc. just convince them to come to church.”

Think outside the box.  Be creative.

Make the weekend services sizzling, can’t miss events.

Webpages…”The IdeaNetwork” – music ideas

Promise Land curriculum – children’s ministry

How you View Your Time

Every three months or so have staff day ……..
            Idea – Invite visiting teachers to motivate staff

            Idea – 9 p.m. – 3 p.m. day of total silence
                        9 – Noon – Lunch and debriefing time
                        1 – 3 p.m. – Debriefing time

View time as offensive energy bursts.  Windows throughout your day to apply yourself to problems, or windows of opportunity, or areas that lack vision or lack of focus, brainstorming groups.  Catalyze, motivate etc.

Plan for Energy Blocks of Time

6 a.m. – 7                   7 – 10:30                    11:30 - 3                                 3 - 4
Monday          Draw near to God     Message Prep              Management teams             Followup
Tuesday          Draw near to God     ?                                  Leadership development            ?
Wed                Draw near to God     ?                                  ?                                              ?
Thursday         Draw near to God     ?                                  ?                                               ?
Friday             Draw near to God     ?                                  ?                                               ?

Move with energy toward important things during the best time of your day.

If email or problems that you have to respond to depress you don’t deal with them during your best time of the day.  It will kill your energy. 

Take leaders out to lunch to get to know them better

The Strongest Prompting from God is 2000 session

Became sensitive to racism
To be accepted by other races you must declare yourself

Books – Divided by Faith, and Across the Divide

Series:  Bridging the Great Divides
1.    Racial Divide – testimonials, interviews, sermon

Highest Risk Ministry Venture

Moving from single campus to multi campuses
People driving long distances  ….

If someone lives within 30 minutes they will be committed
If live outside of 30 minute drive it becomes a matter of logistics

Willow Creek opened up Regional Ministry centers to address this problem…not new church plant but an extension of their ministry.

Great Ministry Opportunity

Church renewal…. Also on international level
Each church needs to take a mission challenge

“The Leaders Edge -  DVD 1
Willow Creek Resources

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