Friday, April 26, 2013

Leading in Uncertain Times – Andy Stanley - 2013

Clarity of mission – reiterate “Why are we here?  Why do we do what we do?”
   Every organization begins with uncertainty.  Retreating back to the vision and mission is a reminder that great things can happen in the midst of uncertainty.   We can get through this.  We got through this before when we had no momentum, few resources, etc. 
    In times of uncertainty we are locked in on concerns about the future.  What is going to happen?  How is it going to affect me? 

Uncertainty focuses on the future:  What if?  What if?

Mission focuses on the past.  We made it before.

“Wherever I get off the merry go round it will be better than where I go on.”

“Lord, you got me into this, I am trusting you to get me out of it.” 
Transliterated on desk:
Lord, you got me into this, I am trusting you to get me out of it.

Flexibility of plans
It times of uncertainty we retreat to what is familiar. . . to what we find to be comfortable.   This often gets us into more trouble than we experienced before.

We often confuse our mission with our plans. 

Transparency of communication

Uncertainty breeds anxiety.  Anxiety breeds suspicion. 

The inclination is to communicate less during times of uncertainty.  The people in our organizations want to hear something to ease their uncertainty.  They need reassurance.

It is better to say, “Right now we don’t know anything but we are working on it and as soon as we know something we will let you know.”

We must be painfully transparent in our communication.

Podcast – March 1, 2013

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