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Leading Between Two Kingdoms – A.R. Bernard, Sr. (2004)

Christian Cultural Center, Brooklyn, NY

“Success is a destination and a journey.”

Crisis that must be resolved:  Ministry identity crisis – who are we?  What is our purpose?

“Sin of transposition – getting priorities out of order”

When you go through times of crisis you go through a theological change – you begin to see God in a different way.

God will deal with you privately first in hopes that He doesn’t have to deal with you publicly.

Leadership is about how to adapt quickly to change.

Jesus would have walked on by…(walking on the water)  There is a purpose for the situations of our lives…. If we rebel against the situation we will not learn from it.
Jesus …. Peter, satan is sifting you as wheat…I have prayed for you……………what?  Why doesn’t he rescue Peter … instead He says He is PRAYING for him.  Jesus uses the situations for us.

Is our church irrelevant to the community it which it resides?

The art of problem solving
3x + 4 = 19

1.     Identify the problem – the X factor

a.      The whole equation is not my problem.  The problem is the X.  If finance in a marriage is bad the whole marriage is not bad, finance is the X.
b.     Know what a problem is a mismatch between what you want and what you have.
                                                               i.       We live in a tension between the ideal and reality.  You thought you married the ideal but when you woke up the first morning you were facing the reality.  The gap between the ideal and the reality is the degree of tension.
                                                             ii.      The art of problem solving is not getting excited

2.     Reducing the gap between what you want and what you have.

We live life on levels and we arrive in stages.  In God there are no plateaus, there are only resting places.   Problems have purposes.

“You cannot solve a problem at the same level at which it was created.”  Albert Einstein
With God the answer existed before the problem.  Example:  He was slain before the foundation of the world.

Problems are designed to take you to another level of life.  If the problem is not clearly understood you will not cooperate to come to the solution.

Moving to another level
1.      Problems take us to another level of knowledge.  We make decisions in the past based on our way of thinking at the time.  The information and how we think determines what kind of decisions we make.
2.     Problems take us to another level of responsibility.
3.     Problems take us to another level of authority

Problems cause you to have a deepening of character.
Defining the problem forces you to tell the truth about your present condition.  You can’t heal a thing by saying it is not there.

Acknowledge your problem without shame or blame.  Don’t be paralyzed by embarrassment.

Be specific.  There is power in writing a thing down.
Pray for God’s direction.

God directs by giving insight as you brainstorm for possible solutions.
After you pray, step away from the problem.  Solutions often come while we are doing something else.

 Create an action plan.  Develop a schedule of change.  A time frame.
Resources…. That you will need to reduce the gap.

                You need people.  You need space.  Equipment.   Time.   Supplies.  Money.

“The Leadership Summit on Self-Leadership” -  DVD 2
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