Friday, April 26, 2013

Leadership Development - Bill Hybels (2000)

Never be satisfied with your level of leadership.

Read, associate with other leaders, go to seminars etc.

How do you really do it?

There are a lot of VCLI (very cool leadership ideas) out there.  Books, Bible, summits, etc have many vcli’s.

Once you have exposed your mind to these then you have to put them through a discernment filter.  Some ideas fit you and some don’t.  Sometimes the timing is not right.

Then you have to determine how many of these vcli’s that fit you, you can juggle at one time.

Delegate ideas that you can not handle to people who can handle them.

Eventually all the ideas have to find their way into the dna of the organization so that they are a part of the being of the institution.

S Curve – how an idea finds it’s useful purpose and then loses its effectiveness.

As an idea is gaining momentum you try to find another idea to start on its way up before the first idea finds its apex and heads down into ineffectiveness… and so on.

Capital Campaigns

Stewardship consultants cost save you money. 

1.     They bring experience
2.     They establish reality
3.     They force discipline
4.     They give assurance
Can you abide in Christ and abound in the work of the Lord at the same time in the same body.  Yes.

Is what we are doing – Doable Hard or Destructive Hard?

If it is Doable Hard – pray more.
If it is Destructive Hard – (relational problems, physical problems, spiritual problems… unrealistic responsibilities, pace, dysfunctional teams, etc.) – Don’t keep pushing on…Take a BIG TIMEOUT………go through a self-leadership exercise………….Why does leadership seem damaging to me.  Is it pace, scope, the team????

“The Leaders Edge -  DVD 1
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