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Leadership by the Book – Ken Blanchard (2000)

Dorothy Zornoff speech coach

(When you are worried about what to say … say to yourself….)
1.     I’m glad I am here
2.     I’m glad you are here
3.     I know what I know
4.     I care about you

Rick Warren

1.     Commitment
2.     Growing in your knowledge of the Lord
3.     Serving the Lord
4.     Recruiting for the Lord 

If you want to be an effective leader you have to know how to manage people’s energy.
You do this by changing what people are focused on…. To positive from negative.

Regularly pump up people regarding our:
1.     Beliefs
2.     What we are doing 

Say it over and over and over and over

“Great leaders have a clear leadership point of view.”  (Your beliefs about teaching and managing people)……did this include Jesus when you talked about Jesus’ point of view.

We must learn to think of Jesus as the LEADER

We are supposed to impact our people’s leadership focus by telling them about Jesus.

Jesus was a “situational” leader…”a one minute manager”… he “managed by walking around”

Jesus hired 12 incompetent people.  The only one who had education was Judas and he was the biggest problem.

Jesus tells us about leadership…. And doesn’t give us other options.   He said that servant leadership is the style.  See story of James and John’s desire for leadership position….and Jesus’ response.

Servant is not anarchy or pleasing everybody.

Heart… motivation

Jesus was interested in a “heart attack” …. He wanted to change the heart approach

1.      Heart – Motivation of Jesus (why am I doing this?)

Are we self-serving leaders?

Driven people feel that they own everything and they try to protect it.
How to find out if they are self-serving leaders….give them feedback… they will kill the messenger

Called people feel that everything is on load and so their main job is the shepherd what is on loan at this time. Their goal is to serve rather than to protect themselves.  They value feedback because they can better learn how to serve.

The “Evil One” tries to convince us that ….  Performance + Opinion of others = Self-worth

This will cause us to be people pleasers

2.     Beliefs – Thinking of Jesus

Two parts of leadership
1.       Visionary – leadership aspect
a.       What is your Purpose?(direction)
                        What business are you in?
                        What is your mission

When we don’t know what we are doing or why we are here our job becomes making other people feel unimportant

b.      What are your operational values?  (you can’t handle of three or four)

                        These values must be prioritized

c.       What is your image?
                                If your mission and your values are completely lived by what will the organization look like?

2.        Implementation

Two kinds of people….
Ducks (quack…talk, complain, rehearse the rules, gossip) and
Eagles (sour above the crowd)

The sheep are not there for the benefit of the Shepherd

Turn the pyramid upside down.

“We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen” – Ritz Carlton

3.       Hands – Behavior of Jesus

Worthwhile work – Work of the squirrel
Being in charge of achieving the goal – Way of the beaver
Cheering each other on - Gift of the goose (honking)

Be the head cheerleader

4.       Habits of Jesus

External Self - Task oriented
Internal Self – Reflective

Lillie Towman – “The problem with rat races is that even if you when it you are still a rat.”

How did Jesus end His day? Prayer

Jesus’  great habits
1.     Solitude – quiet time… enter your day slowly…. Solitude, prayer, study
2.     Small Groups – He had people who would talk to Him….accountability groups

Personal Worth vs. Spiritual Significance
1.     The drive of the world - Wealth, Achievement, Power and Status
2.     The drive of the Christian - Giving, Serving, Loving relationships

Jesus is the Answer…. What is the question?

Our finish line is different

“The Leadership Summit on Self-Leadership” -  DVD 1
Willow Creek Resources

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