Friday, April 26, 2013

“Just Courage: Charging the Darkness” by Gary Haugen

Leadership Summit 2008
August 7, 8 – Leawood, KS

 “If you want your leadership to matter then lead in things that matter to God.” 

(My thots – Ft. Scott Centenial – Boy Scout hike from Pittsburg to Ft. Scott – 30 miles)

1.     How do we lead when things are hopeless?
a.      Recenter the basis of our hope
b.     If He wants us to do a job then He is responsible to help us get the job done.
                                          i.    Illus.  Feeding of 5000
                                        ii.    He didn’t ask what was needed He asked what they had
c.      The Work is God’s – He just wants what we have …He just wants us to let Him work the miracles

2.     How do we lead when things are scary?
a.      Jesus didn’t come to make us safe – but to make us brave
b.     If you are playing football and no one is hitting you then you should check to see if you are playing football.
c.      (My thot – Buddy Robinson used to say, “If you are not having any trouble with the devil then you are probably going the same direction he is.”)
d.     Seek to be liberated from the triviality of fear

3.     How do we lead others on the demanding climb
a.      Choose not to be safe
                                          i.    Prayer life indicates our need for God – if not much prayer what does it say about our dependence on Him?
                                        ii.    Tired list of have too items…devotions?  Get them done so feel better about self?  Is devotional time meaningful encounter with God?
b.     Choose to seek deep spiritual health
c.      Choose to seek excellence in all things – (my thot – know the difference between excellence and perfection
d.     Chose to seek joy (the joy of the Lord is our strength)

People who don’t act like they need God’s help are over qualified for leadership in the kingdom.

Something is wrong if He Yoke is light and your yoke is heavy.

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