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Characteristics of a Christian Leader – 2001 Chuck Colson

Aug 9th, 1992 Prison Fellowship begin

“Our greatest strength can sometimes become our greatest weakness.”

1.     Restraining Marks

The First Mark of a Christian Leader is holy fear

“The world looks at us and will decide what they believe about God after looking at our lives.”

“Don’t ever let down your witness . . . you are always on display.”

Moses … "I can’t speak”
Jeremiah… “Lord touch my lips”
Augustine… “my preaching is always displeases me.”
Luther… said every time he came into the pulpit his knees knocked

The Second Mark of a Christian Leader is clothed in humility

C.S.Lewis – Mere Christianity…Chapter “The Great Sin”

The Third Mark of a Christian Leader must recognize that his role is to be a servant to others.

“The Pedestal Concept”

The Fourth Mark of a Christian Leader is that he does not seek power

“We are never more dangerous than when we are self-righteous.”

“We don’t want power, we want moral authority.” 

“Moral authority is conferred upon you because of obedience to God.”
The Fifth Mark of a Christian Leader is Accountability

The “lone ranger” leader is danger.

Ben Haden said the secret to success in leadership is to be broken.

“Don’t try to go it alone.  Always hold yourself accountable.”

2.     Positive Marks

The Sixth Mark of a Christian Leader is being faithful to God’s Word

“How Then Shall We Now Live” – apologetic book by Colson

We must teach our people the Word of God… teach them how to know Truth.

The Seventh Mark of a Christian Leader is a person of vision

                We must be visionary leaders.  We must show our people things that they cannot see.

                The Eighth Mark of a Christian Leader is that he must have courage

                Do what you think is right.  You have an audience of one to please.

                The Ninth Mark of a Christian Leader is that he has a pure motive

                Gratitude leads us to do our duty.  We are leaders doing our duty.

A hero is someone who does something he has to do.  We are not heroes we don’t have a choice.  We are just doing our duty.

This culture is going to be changed from the bottom up.

How can we change culture?  Live the life of a Christian.

Restraining Characteristics

1.      Holy Fear – you are always on display…. Always do what you do, do well in Jesus name

Augustine – “My preaching always displeases me.”

2.     Be clothed in Humility

We are like the donkey carrying Jesus into the crowd.  They are cheering Jesus not the donkey.

3.     Recognize that Role is to be a servant to others

There is no place for a “pedestal complex”

4.     Do not seek power

Give away power…  we desire moral authority.  Moral authority is conferred upon you when you learn biblical obedience.  Power exalts self.

5.     Accountability

“The secret to leadership is to be broken.”  Ben Hadin

Don’t try to go it alone.  Let people confront you in love.

Positive Characteristics

6.     Biblically faithful and teaching it to our people

2/3 of evangelicals believe the bible says that God helps those who help themselves.  Instead, God helps those who cannot help themselves.

7.     Be a visionary leader

You cannot lead if you are wringing your hands.  See beyond what is happening today.  Have a biblically informed view of the world.

8.     Courageous

We must have guts.  Do what you think is right. You have an audience of One you have to please. Have a godly confidence.

9.     Act out of one motive and one motive alone.

A hero does something he doesn’t have to do.  We are not heroes.  We are doing our duty.  We are preaching Christ.  We are living and dying for Jesus Christ.

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