Friday, April 26, 2013

Big Ideas: The Power of Vision Bill Hybels 1998

Vision and leadership are inseparable.

1. What is a vision?
Definition:  Vision is a picture of the future that produces passion in you.
The process

1.      Seeing the vision
The Leader “sees” the vision…scripture, a leading, experiencing a work of God being done by someone, etc. 

Sometimes it comes as an epiphany….sometimes it comes agonizingly slow over a long period of time

2.     Feeling the vision

On the heels of seeing the vision is the feeling

Vision and Passion are inseparably bound together
                The leader receives energy and strength from the vision
                The people receive encouragement and motivation from the vision

Don’t apologize for the strength of feeling for the big ideas that God has laid on your heart.

3.      Taking responsibility for the vision

Acts 20:24…………the leader takes responsibility for the vision…. Everything else takes second place

Your own agenda must be subordinated to God’s vision

Visions are holy entrustments from God.  To squander a vision from God is an unthinkable sin.

Don’t ask Him to bless the plan you have manufactured but to give you a heavy burden for the vision that He has formed in your heart.

2. How do leaders communicate the vision
  1.  Embody the vision

Personify the vision, live the vision
 2. One on one vision casting

“Will you help me?”
Churches are built one ask at a time.
 3. Cast the Vision Publicly

Meet with the senior leadership team….”Our people desire clarity…what we are about and where we are headed.  Let’s meet regularly with prayerful discussion and figure out the slogans, the programs, plans etc that will promote the vision.

This will unite and ignite the church.

Who gives the talk really matters:  Should be the point man…the leader

The When matters:  Ministry season:  Sept – Christmas, Jan – June, Summer break July,Aug

Have a formal vision night…. Banquet etc.

Vision leaks………monitor the vision quotient of the followers and be ready to recast the vision….. regularly keep the vision in front of the people.

Keep the vision SIMPLE

Vision – Mission – Purpose ………these distinctions confuse the people.  When you are publically casting vision you are trying to get your people to realize and remember the MAIN thing.  Don’t confuse them with distinctions.  Your main thing should be able to fit on the front of a T-Shirt.

Crisp – Repeatable

In senior leadership circles make all the distinctions you want.

What is the payoff?
1.     Vision creates energy
2.     Increased Ownership
3.     Increased focus
4.     Reduces the trauma of leadership succession

Leadership Summit on Vision - Mission and Strategy - DVD 1
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